Lowest Calorie Breads in Canada

Low Calorie Breads In Canada

One of the reasons I have not stuck to diets in the past is my love of carbs. You tell me I can’t have bread or potatoes and I will likely fail. So I am always on the hunt for a lower calorie alternative to my faves. Bread is a weakness for me. If I am behind on planning, a sandwich is an easy lunch. I love a slice of toast with my morning cuppa.  But around 100 calories for one slice? That doesn’t work for calorie restriction. You can buy light rye bread or thinly sliced versions of most brands for around 70 calories a slice, but what is out there that is even lower in calories?

Weight Watchers Bread Canada (50 calories per slice)

Low Calorie Bread Canada - Weight Watchers Bread

Probably the easiest to find as it is sold in most major grocery stores including Walmart is Weight Watchers bread. Choose from white, whole wheat or multigrain. I haven’t seen the multigrain locally since they changed to the new WW packaging but the white and whole wheat are 50 calories per slice. Like most low calorie bread, they are smaller slices than regular bread to keep that real bread flavour. Usually priced around $4 it is a little more expensive than regular bread but fills that bread craving for reasonable calories.

Nutritional Data (per slice): Calories 50 ~ Fat 0.5g ~ Carbohydrates 10g ~ Fibre 2g ~ Protein 2g (may vary by variety)

PC Blue Menu Bread Canada (50 calories per slice)

Low Calorie Bread Canada - PC Blue Menu Bread

PC Blue Menu bread is my go to, especially for white bread. It tastes fresher than Weight Watchers bread to me and more like the bread we usually buy. Choose from white with whole grains, multigrain with quinoa or whole wheat for 50 calories per slice. My local No Frills sells this for cheaper than Fortinos (our Loblaws store) at $2.97 so it is also the budget friendly alternative for low calorie bread in Canada. Slice size is very similar to Weight Watchers bread, smaller and thinner than a regular loaf.

Nutritional Data (per slice): Calories 50 ~ Fat 0.5g ~ Carbohydrates 10g ~ Fibre 2g ~ Protein 2g (varies by variety)

Betty’s Light Bread Canada (45 calories per slice)

Low Calorie Bread Canada - Bettys Light Bread

The lowest in calories, Betty’s Light Bread definitely deserves a mention. The biggest downside to it is that you will not find it in stores. The easiest way to purchase Betty’s Light Bread is from Low Carb Canada. For me, saving 5 calories per slice is not worth the special order but it is well love by those who do. Only available in whole wheat, it is reasonably priced at $3.59 which is comparable to Weight Watchers bread on sale. If you are watching your carb intake, it might be the one for you with lower carbohydrates and high fibre.

Nutritional Data (2 slices): Calories 90 ~ Fat 1g ~ Carbohydrates 16g ~ Fibre 5g ~ Protein 5g

Silver Hills Little Big Bread Canada (55 calories per slice)

Low Calorie Bread Canada - Silver Hills Little Big Bread

Higher in protein than the other options so far, Silver Hills Sprouted Power Little Big Bread is 55 calories per slice. It is also meant to be the most flavourful of the low calorie breads. It is a little harder to find than their more popular breads, but my local Metro store usually has it in stock. You can search their store locator by product to find a store near you that stocks Little Big Bread. Silver Hills bread is also 90% organic ingredients if you are looking to eat cleaner products.

Nutritional Data (2 slices): Calories 110 ~ Fat 1g ~ Carbohydrates 19g ~ Fibre 5g ~ Protein 7g

Dave’s Killer Bread Canada (60 calories per slice)

Low Calorie Bread Canada - Daves Killer Bread

A fan favourite, Dave’s Killer Bread is a little higher in calories and not as easy to find compared to PC Blue Menu or Weight Watchers but makes up for it in flavour. The bread is also “meatier” and will make you feel like you are eating more than the thin slices would usually. For 60 calories per slice, choose the Dave’s Killer Bread 21 Whole Grains and Seeds Thin-Sliced variety as the others are higher in calories. It is the highest in carbs if you are watching your intake, but overall provides more protein and fibre for only 10 calories more plus it is organic. It isn’t as widely sold, but I can usually find it at Sobeys.

Nutritional Data (per slice): Calories 60 ~ Fat 1g ~ Carbohydrates 12g ~ Fibre 3g ~ Protein 3g

What is your go to bread product when watching your calories?