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    Dr Oetker Yes It’s Pizza Cauliflower Pizza with Chicken & Peppers

    A good pizza with reasonable calories can be hard to find. There are plenty of thin crust pizzas with around 220 calories per slice. Or you can make your own with a tortilla or similar crust for less. Not always very satisfying through. Dr Oetker Yes It’s Pizza recently showed up in my local grocery store. They are around $5 and come in beetroot, cauliflower or spinach crusts. Each with a different topping. Ingredients in Dr Oetker Yes It’s Pizza – Cauliflower Crust CRUST:¬†Enriched wheat flour, cauliflower, canola oil, yeast, modified corn starch, sugar, water, salt SAUCE:¬†Tomato sauce (crushed tomatoes, water), tomato puree, water, sugar, salt, modified corn starch, thyme,…

  • Michelina's Meals - Is Light Always Better

    Michelina’s Meals: Is Light Really Better?

    There is a lot of controversy in diet groups on whether frozen meals should be part of a low calorie diet. They can certainly help with portion control and easy calorie counting, but are often very high in sodium. Michelina’s makes several lines of frozen meals. They have a “Light” range that comes in blue packaging, but is it really any better for a low calorie diet? Surprisingly, one of the higher calorie Michelina’s meals is from their Light range. Sweet & Sour Chicken has 390 calories. Still easily fits in a 1200 calorie diet. But even more surprising is that some of the comfort foods in the Signature range…