Fibre 1 Brownies Chocolatey Fudge - Low Calorie Snacks Canada

Fibre 1 Chocolatey Fudge Brownies

Most of us do not get enough fibre in our diets. If you can add it while getting a chocolate fix, why not? At 90 calories, Chocolatey Fudge Fibre 1 Brownies provide 20% of your daily fibre needs.  You get five individually wrapped brownies per box and they retail for around $3 but you can always stock up on sale as they have good expiry dates.  It is pretty generous in size for 90 calories and drizzled with chocolate to help that sweet tooth craving.

Fibre 1 Brownies Chocolatey Fudge Canada - Low Calorie Snacks Canada

In my opinion, the brownies are the best of the Fibre 1 products available in Canada.  Some of the Fibre 1 Delights have that sickly sweetener taste, but the that isn’t that case for the brownies. They are not overly dry like some fibre snacks either. While they certainly do not taste like a thick fudgey brownie, they are probably as close as you are going to get for 90 calories.

Tip: these brownies are delicious if you warm them up in the microwave for about 10 seconds. They can burn pretty quickly so watch them carefully until you get the right setting for your microwave. Mine is warm at 10 seconds, gooey and hot at 12 seconds and burnt at 15 seconds.  For a delicious dessert, serve with some low calorie ice cream.

Fibre 1 Brownies (Chocolatey Fudge) Nutritional Data

Fibre 1 Brownies Nutrition - Low Calorie Snacks Canada

Serving size: 25g Fibre 1 Brownie

  • Calories 90
  • Fat 3g
  • Carbs  18g
  • Fibre 5g
  • Protein 1g

With only 1g protein, these are not a snack that will really fill you up and keep you going. But they do help with that sweet tooth craving while helping you get to the recommended 25g of fibre per day. Compared to two snack sized candy bars which would have 120 calories and 6g of fat, definitely a better choice. Many low fat/calorie options tend to be high sodium. Fibre 1 Brownies are reasonable at 4% of the daily recommended levels.

For all of these reasons, Fibre 1 Brownies are a low calorie snack I always have in the house.  They are probably my go to snack if I am honest. As a former chocoholic, I need that chocolate fix or I will likely buy something to derail my calorie intake for the day (absolutely no will power sometimes) so keeping these around helps.