Amadore Rice Cakes with Chocolate Dollarama Review - Low Calorie Snacks Canada

Amadore Chocolate Covered Rice Cakes (Dollarama)

I buy the large Caramel Chocolate rice cakes from Quaker but my sweet tooth runs chocolate more than caramel. Dollarama sells Amadore Rice Cakes with Milk Chocolate. You get a pack of six large rice cakes topped with chocolate for 70 calories each.  In true Dollarama fashion, they cost $1.50 a pack, does anything there actually cost $1 anymore? Reasonable cost for six though and I do find that one is enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Calories in Amadore Chocolate Covered Rice Cakes

Amadore Rice Cakes with Chocolate Dollarama Nutritional Info - Low Calorie Snacks Canada

A serving of these is one rice cake and they do weight pretty close to the 15g stated on the packaging. The six in my pack came to 91g total

  • Calories 70
  • Fat 3g
  • Carbohydrates 10g
  • Protein 1g
  • Sodium 10mg

Compared to the similar sized Quaker rice cakes which have caramel flavour and chocolate chips, they are a little higher in calories and fat but lower in carbs. A Quaker Caramel Chocolate Chip rice cake is 60 calories with 0.5g fat and 13g carbs. But Amadore rice cakes are also a little lower in sodium and feel like they have a lot more chocolate on them. For me, it is about satisfying a chocolate craving and the extra 10 calories on an Amadore rice cake is well worth it.

Review: Amadore Milk Chocolate Covered Rice Cakes

Amadore Rice Cakes with Chocolate Dollarama - Low Calorie Snacks Canada

Amadore chocolate covered rice cakes are decently sized at 9cm wide and about 1cm deep. A little thinner than some rice cakes but since I am eating them for the chocolate taste, a good chocolate to rice cake mix for me.  Amadore chocolate covered rice cakes do have a thin layer of chocolate but it covers the entire rice cake and extends down the edges. I prefer this to the chocolate chips that many chocolate rice cakes use.

I have also found that some chocolate flavoured rice cakes have more of a coffee taste than chocolate. This isn’t the case with these. The rice cake does taste a little dry, but it is a large rice cake. The chocolate isn’t high end, and you could probably melt chocolate for the same effect. But for 70 calories, they are an affordable snack worth keeping in the house for when the sweet tooth craving calls.