• Packaging of Huer Sensible Sweets Fruity Fish low calorie candy

    Huer Sensible Sweets Fruity Fish Review

    I have a wicked sweet tooth and am trying to be more mindful of how many calories are in my snacks. Huer’s Sensible Sweets line come inĀ  Fruity Fish (strawberry and raspberry flavours) or Fruity Bears (orange, lemon, strawberry and blueberry flavours). Both offer 50g of candy for 150 calories with 12g of fibre and only 3g of sugar. They use Isomalto-oligosaccharide as the main ingredient which is meant to be digestion-resistant and about 50% as sweet as sugar (and these gummies are definitely not super sweet despite the added stevia) and juice concentrate for colour. What I love about them You get a fair amount of candy for 150…