• Special K Cracker Chips Salt & Vinegar Review - Low Calorie Chips Canada

    Special K Cracker Chips (Low Calorie Chips)

    I am usually a more sweet than salty snacker but something about a low calorie diet makes me crave chips. Special K Cracker Chips are my go to snack. They are just the right amount of tasting slightly fatty without being greasy. Lot’s of flavour and a decent quantity for 80 calories. Plus, unlike many chips, I actually find I get more per serving than the box says, and that always makes me happier. They do have lactose in them. It doesn’t make a huge difference to me, but something to note for those who are lactose intolerant. Special K Cracker Chips Nutrition Data Serving size 20g (shown in bowl…

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    Dare Veggie Crisps Ketchup Flavour

    Veggie Chips often have a very small amount of vegetables in them and are not much healthier than regular chips. Dare Vegetable Crisps are actually quite a bit lower in calories than chips. Lay’s Ketchup Chips have around 105 calories for 20g while Dare Vegetable Crisps have 70 calories for the same weight. They are made with potato, mixed with yellow and green pea, tomato, beet, spinach, carrot, garlic, onion. On top of that, they are quite crunchy and filling so you will likely be more satisfied by 20g of Dare Veggie Chips than regular potato chips. Dare Veggie Crisps Nutrition (Low Calorie Chips) Serving size: 20g (around 10 chips)…

  • Lays Poppables - Low Calorie Chips Snacks Canada

    Lays Poppables

    Chips are a weakness for me. When watching a movie or wanting to binge eat, I like something that allows me to snack without too many calories. Dry low fat popcorn doesn’t always cut it so I am always on the hunt for decent chip options. Lays Poppables are lattice type pucks. Light and airy but a nice sized chip to bite into. They are crispy enough that they make up for the oils in normal chips for that crunch too. Calories in 52g grab bag Calories 270 Fat 16g Carbohydrates 30g Fibre 2g Protein 2g Sodium 450mg (but they are salt & vinegar flavour which tends to run higher…