Lays Poppables - Low Calorie Chips Snacks Canada

Lays Poppables

Chips are a weakness for me. When watching a movie or wanting to binge eat, I like something that allows me to snack without too many calories. Dry low fat popcorn doesn’t always cut it so I am always on the hunt for decent chip options. Lays Poppables are lattice type pucks. Light and airy but a nice sized chip to bite into. They are crispy enough that they make up for the oils in normal chips for that crunch too.

Lays Poppables Calories - Low Calorie Chips Canada

Calories in 52g grab bag

  • Calories 270
  • Fat 16g
  • Carbohydrates 30g
  • Fibre 2g
  • Protein 2g
  • Sodium 450mg (but they are salt & vinegar flavour which tends to run higher in sodium than other flavours)

Lay’s Poppables do come in smaller snack sized bags but I haven’t found them near me. They are a bit higher in fat than I would like but are a decent substitute for a bag of real chips. Many substitutes are quite dry and don’t fill the craving.

If made into smaller snack bags, you can have three bags at 90 calories or two generous snack packs at 135 calories. If you can find the mini bags, they are 70 calories per bag, so 90 calorie servings are a reasonable snack.

I bought Salt & Vinegar as it is one of my favourite flavours, but it is usually higher in sodium than other flavours, so ignoring the sodium levels as other flavours are more reasonable.

Lays Poppables Reviews - Low Calorie Chips Canada

Are They Actually Lower Calorie?

Many products advertised as healthier are not actually that much lower in calories. Sometimes it pays to just give into the actual craving with the real thing. So how do Lay’s Poppables stack up to their original chips?

Comparing 28g of each, Lay’s chips have 150-160 calories while Poppables would have 146. They are a little lower in fat than traditional chips if you are watching your fat intake. The size of the puffed up chip also makes 28g more satisfying where I would likely reach for more chips. They are an enjoyable snack, but I am not sure they are that much “healthier” than real chips if you can stick to the serving size of 1oz of both.